The best times often happen around the table

Sunday Brunch & Wednesday Dinner

All about our Sunday morning gathering

Think about it: Friends, Family, Food, Fun, Football, Finish, Frontiers, Frankly, Faith, Full, Frightening…I mean, ALL your Favorite words are “F” words right? Yes, we made a Funny.

What could be better than hanging out with people you like to be around, eat some brunch, share some laughs, and discuss Jesus (even questions and doubts you may have) all around the table. That’s what Sunday means to us and we think you may come to really enjoy it too. Currently, we are going through Luke’s letter we call Acts.


On Wednesdays we have been going through a series called “Stories Jesus Actually Told” as we sit and discuss the often brutal and difficult truths of what Jesus taught us through his stories, also known as parables.