What to expect

Expect the Unexpected

We believe all churches play a valuable role, but please don't expect us to be like other churches or other churches to be like us. Diversity and uniqueness in the Capital "C" Church is a great thing!

First of all, plan on about 70 minutes or so. While we plan and prepare all week for this to be the best hour of your week, we also want you to know what type of timetable to expect.

Second, expect on having fun, smiling, laughing, and being inspired. That’s who we are so we know we can expect that you will catch that from us.

Also, while we might not want to see you in your PJs, please however you would like! If you want to dress up in your Sunday best then do it! If you want to be crazy casual then do it! We tend to dress in jeans and t-shirts most of the time. We might even bust out some short and flip-flops if it’s super hot. The last thing we want is for you to feel uncomfortable when you join us.


Actual Friendly People

(What!? No way!)
Ummm....Yes Way

It all starts in the parking lot.

As you pull into our parking lot expect great signage and, most importantly, smiling faces on actual people! Truth is, we are thrilled you are joining us. Actually, and don’t tell anybody this, but EVERYTHING that we do on Sunday is FOR YOU. Our music, our message, our coffee (oh yeah, we have coffee too) is all for you!

Since everything we do is for you, of course we are thrilled that you showed up! Feel free to ask anyone anything because we are going to do everything in our power to get it done and make you feel home.


Great Music

The only complaint we ever get about our music is that it's just too good.

We want you to to tap your foot and clap your hands before you even realize you are doing it.

It’s true, you may hear some people around you singing really loud, and some may be off-key. Sorry, we don’t really have any control over that. You may even see some people raising their hands, closing their eyes, or even on their knees.

From our perspective, one of the things that makes music so great is that, for many, it’s the most natural way to express emotion and to connect to Jesus in many ways and we want to give people that opportunity. There are times that we may hang out in a moment for a while or encourage a level of personal or corporate (group) prayer. The thing that sets a church apart from any other organization is the ability to provide a space to encounter the living God of the universe and we will do that any chance we get!



Applicable and Inspiring Teaching

We want you to be able to take away something that is relevant and practical for your life.

Not only is it going to be relevant, but it’s going to be inspiring and it might even be a little convicting. the Bible is the Word of God and it bring life to those to read it and hear it. It’s the basis for anything we teach, we just might package it a little differently in order to hear it in a new way.

Come prepared because everything we do as a church is done with purpose, especially these part of our service because hearing from God, whether directly, through his Word, or through someone else, is unlike any other experience in life. We want you to have this experience as often as possible.

An Opportunity to Encounter God

We aren't just about cool lights, great music, inspiring quotes, and extreme friendliness. It's all for a purpose.

The God of the Universe wants to meet with you.

The God of the Universe wants to change your life.

The God of the Universe wants you to know that you are uniquely and wonderfully made in His image and God makes no mistakes.

It’s time to embrace you’re calling. It’s time to embrace your uniqueness. It’s time to embrace gifts. It’s time to embrace your frontiers.

That that is really what our church is all about 24/7/365. Don’t be fooled, we are about much more than one hour a week.