Serve the World

The Action Step

You can't become who Jesus created you to be until you start actually doing it

We say this a lot around here, but we are all about leading you to become who Jesus created you to be. Another way to say it is we want to make disciples that make disciples.

Serving is the last and, probably, the most crucial piece to doing that. Becoming who Jesus created you to be requires some steps of faith. It can get a little uncomfortable. Sometimes you find yourself in awkward situations. Sometimes you feel WAAAY underprepared. Good. Now you are right where Jesus wants you!

You can never step into your next frontier if you don’t actually take a step. It’s time to do it. Start with baby steps if you want, but get started.

Besides, if Jesus has done incredible things in your life because someone else took a step of faith, then shouldn’t you do the same for someone else? Don’t be selfish now.



Time to Start

What are you waiting for? The sun to stand still? Go!