6 weeks - 5th Grade

Welcome to our Kids Ministry, Frontiers|Kids

We don't believe in daycare. We believe your Kids deserve an even better experience than their parents! Welcome to Frontiers|Kids. Because we believe so strongly in giving your kids the best experience possible, we have staffed our very best to be with your kids and to invest in their lives as they teach them Jesus-centered stories and lesson every week.
And because your kids matter, please know that every single person of any age has passed a criminal background check and has been thoroughly trained by our best team members.

Safety means everything

Come a few minutes early so you can check your kid(s) in with spare time for coffee.

The last thing we want is for you to have to be so worried about your child that you cannot focus on what you need to focus on, which is you and Jesus.

Because of this: safety means everything to us. We will provide a safe, clean, friendly environment for you child. We are always on guard knowing who is around and doing everything in our power to make you feel secure with those who are with your child.


Early Childhood

Nursery and Preschool

Our Early Childhood room consists of two sections, our Nursery exists for any of you kids that are under 2 years old.

In our Preschool room you can bring any of your kids older than 2, but not yet in grade school.

Both rooms consist of safe environments that will put a smile on their faces and put you at ease as you get an hour break to focus on you and Jesus. But, we assure you that these rooms are also meaningful. We can’t say it enough, this is not child care…we want to teach your kids as much about Jesus as we possibly can while loving on your kids, playing with them, and laughing as often as possible!





For those older kids

How much fun can a kid have at church? Your kid is about to find out!

Our Elementary Kids Room is designed specifically for your kiddo. Our curriculum is video-based so our team can provide consistently great teachings for your kids and allow them to focus on spending time with your kids more than preparing a lesson.

Expect your kids to sing some songs, meet new friends, hear about Jesus in a relevant way, and to spend time in small groups to discuss everything they have learned.

Your kid(s) will not be disappointed!