Grow in your Gifts

Becoming who Jesus created you to be.

It always starts with a step of faith

While Sunday is incredibly important, Growing in your Gifts is what will change your life forever.

It’s amazing what happens when we finally realize who Jesus created us to be. It frees us to pursue the calling that God has already placed in our life and equipped us to accomplish.

In order to cross those frontiers in our life we have to grow into who Jesus made us.

Choose your own adventure

3 ways to start Growing in your Gifts


**psst...this is the best place to start**Core|Four is a four week introduction to help you discover who you are and who Jesus created you to be. We discuss your relationship with Jesus and what it means - no matter where you are in your faith journey.You can hear all about our amazing journey as Team Members and the wild background F|C.Find your strengths and gifts by using a few different assessments and tools.Then, take everything you have learned and put it into practice!


Life is better together than apart. Laughter is often the best medicine. Learning and growing with others is always more beneficial than on your own. Having people to cry with, laugh with, pray with, listen to, and to encourage is the only way to go.We believe we were created to be together and that's what Grow|Groups are all about. Sign up today to hear about Grow|Groups happening near you that would love to share their life with you.


Grow|Events are like our Groups, but on steroids, and they are not nearly as consistent.Often, it becomes a retreat or a conference. Maybe is a short-term group that meets together to grow in their leadership skills, or its a financial group aimed at getting out of debt sooner, or its a conference somewhere else that can encourage and inspire our growing faith.Whatever it is, don't miss it because these are always well worth the time.