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We believe that doing life together is the only way to do life. At Frontiers|Church, we live that out in many different ways. One way, perhaps the best way, is to regularly serve with one of our teams on Sunday.
It’s ridiculous how many ways there are to serve on Sunday. For starters, you can join our Frontiers|Crew. Being in a portable church, we have quite a bit we have to set up and tear down every week to make sure we can continue to reach others like you with the Good News of Jesus and the new life he can bring. So, sign up and join our Crew.
Here’s a promise: It’s not nearly as hard as it may seem. And no, you don’t need any previous experience.
**In fact, we would argue that this is one of our favorite times of the week because we HAVE. A. BLAST!

You can sign up here and we will get back to ASAP!




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Grow in your Gifts

The second step of our process is to GROW in your gifts. While CONNECTing to Jesus may be the initial step and the one most visible part of our church, GROWing in your gifts is what truly gets us excited and makes our heart beat loudly. GROW is the center of what we do and the most important part of our PROCESS.


It all starts with the Core Four. These are 4 interactive sessions we offer to lead people to become who Jesus has created them to be. They emphasize teaching what your relationship with Jesus really means and how to find your unique Christ given gifts and how to use those gifts in your life with Jesus. It includes sessions discussing what a relationship with Jesus means and what steps we can take to further our relationship. We also provide opportunities to find out how Jesus has uniquely created you and how you can become who Jesus createdyou to be by growing those gifts you have been given


Grow Groups is the catalyst to our process. This is where faith, friends, relationships, gifts, community, personal growth, deeper roots, and Christian life all wrap into one and spill out over the edges. In our opinion, outside of the relationships and community built in our Grow Groups, there is no better way to become who Jesus created you to be. There are no requirements or prerequisites to join a Grow Group, but we will always point to our Core Four, as the best starting point as it introduces us to Jesus and our church more fully.


We believe SERVING on a Serve Team is the truest way to become who Jesus has created you to be. Our relationship with Jesus means little if we cannot help lead others into the same relationship we’ve found! In our eyes, leading through service is the best way to lead others and we will empower you to every end we can to help you become who Jesus created you to be. Just like our Grow Groups, there is no requirement or pre requisite, outside of a background check, to serving on a Serve Team. Here are some ways you can serve.


First of all, we don’t use the world “volunteer” because at F|C we are not asking you tovolunteer. We are asking you to lead people in the areas Jesus has gifted you in. F|C doesn’t exist without a lot leadership. The goal was never having one or two lead alone. We are leading spiritual contributors who want to drive the message of Christ further and faster than ever before in our community. In the mission of leading people to become who Jesus has created them to be we provide space for you to use your gifts in the church because we cannot do this without you. Want to know more? Our Core Four exists to introduce you to find your gifts and find how to use those gifts.


While there are many opportunities to lead within the church, there are countless more opportunities to lead outside the church. The more we learn about how Jesus has created us, the easier it becomes to find opportunities to lead others to become who Jesus has createdthem to be. This could happen by partnering with a local church or by partnering with another organization outside of our or nation. The objective is to help you find as many ways to serve aspossible, within the scope of OUR PURPOSE and PROCESS. We believe this deeply and wewant this to happen often. We are thrilled to partner with other churches!


Don’t skip this section! Whenever the word “generosity” comes up in church we often focuson money and many of us want to protect our money. Oh no, this is so much bigger than money! It’s about our time, gifts, energy, and treasure. When Jesus has irrationally blessed us with so much how can we possibly not irrationally bless others? We may not be able to physically walk every nation to lead people to become who Jesus has created them to be, but we can support others who do. We may not be able to meet every single person in Greater Onawa to share the Gospel of Jesus with them individually, but we can support others in the opportunities they have found. Through our irrational generosity, we can empower people to do what Jesus hascalled them to do