About Us

What We Do

Our PURPOSE is to lead people to become who Jesus created them to be.

The way in which we do that is what we call our PROCESS. Everything we do falls into one or more of these three process categories.

Our process to help you become who Jesus created you to be is to CONNECT, GROW, and SERVE.


With Others


In Your Gifts


The World

Our Personality

As important as OUR PURPOSE and OUR PROCESS are, it doesn’t mean much if we don’t behave in a manner consistent with those statements. So what about OUR PERSONALITY?

Click below to read our values and how we behave and make decisions. Hopefully it will help give a deeper perspective into who we are.

Our Story

In 2015, Pastor Johnny Helton, the Senior Pastor Morningside Assembly of God in Sioux City, IA, shared with the church God was calling the church to find ways to permanently reach the smaller communities in the Greater Siouxland region. This berthed the idea to start new churches in these communities along the I-29 corridor.

In 2017, Matt and Jenn DeSmidt, felt like God was calling them to leave the church they were leading in order to follow God to something new and unknown.


CALLED: An unavoidable, unmistakeable, driving force thrusting one into unforeseen and unplanned actions.


In 2018, Matt and Jenn began attending Morningside Assembly and the vision to plant a new church was caught like wildfire.

By Spring of 2019, plans were in motion to launch the first ever multisite campus in Siouxland through Morningside Assembly of God.

On Sunday, October 20, 2019, Frontiers|Church opened its doors in the Onawa Community Center for the first time ever and a new campus was born!


Our Purpose

The simplest definition of frontier is the “line between two things.” We know Jesus bridges the “line” between hope and hopelessness, death and life, doubt and faith, old and new. Our goal is to lead people through their frontiers into a new future. The future God created them for. This is what our collective church heart burns for.

Frontiers|Church Mission Statement:

Frontiers|Church exists to lead people to become who Jesus has created them to be.

Sadly, even though we all try to find our own purpose, because we are all spiritually lost, physically hurting, emotionally broken, and hopeless to fix themselves we can only find this purpose in Jesus, the Son of God, who very voice spoke Creation, and us, into existence.

Why Onawa?

This is probably the most Frequently Asked Question we received at first.

Our answer comes in 3 parts.

First, because we knew God called us to. We can’t explain it, though we’ve tried and the next 2 parts of this response are an effort to do that. But, it was undeniable that this is where God wanted us to go.

Second, after some early research to understand this calling further there were some statistics were found pretty unnerving:

  1. Almost 65% of all residents in Greater Onawa do not currently attend church on any given Sunday. We want that stat to be 0% with the help from God. That number was far too high for us to ignore.
  2. Since Onawa is the central city in this area, and in many ways the financial and cultural hub of this area, we knew we had to come to Onawa.

The third reason is because there is an underserved population in Onawa. We discovered as a church team a large population of young adults and young families that don’t have many options to meet one another spend time with one another, outside of school events and bar hopping.. We know, as a church, that providing something unique to families often means using a different approach. We hope to be able to tap into this underserved population.

So our goal is to create a church that reaches out to the unchurched people of Greater Onawa and to give them a church where we can reach across all generations but also to provide a great environment for younger adults and their families.


How you fit!

So, you’ve read about us, you’ve heard about us, and now we ask you to partner with us. Partner with us to lead people to become who Jesus has created them to be by living out the same gifts you have been given. We would love to help you learn more about those gifts and grow in those gifts. Maybe you already know your gifts and are ready to jump in and lead others. Then do it! Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait. Start going through the Core Four now. Lead others by serving on a Serve Team outside the church or a Weekend Connect!

Jesus said the harvest is great, but the laborers are few. The harvest is has been prayed for, planted, watered, and is ready for you to step in. It’s never too late. We are just getting started and you are one the edge of something greater!