Becoming who Jesus created us to be


Things are certainly different now. And for the past couple months, our world has been turned upside down and because of this pandemic, we have not been able to meet in-person.

But this week, we want to change all that and start meeting yet again. BUT, it's going to be a bit different than before.

For starters, we will NOT be meeting on Sunday mornings, nor will we be meeting at the Onawa Community Center. Instead, we will be opening up our home every Wednesday @ 6:30pm and Sunday @ 5:00pm.

Both of these times will be discussion-based around a topic. It will also be a time of sharing our lives with one another (and we will provide food, too!) Since both of these times will center around the same topic, you are not expected to come to both times. All you need to do is find the best time for you and your family.
(On a logistics note, your children are invited too. As of now, we will not be providing childcare so your kids can play or sit with you. There is a possibility of childcare in the future.)

Again, I know it's been a tough time for many of us, but I am excited as we start meeting again. In this time, God has done some incredible things and has been stirring some things in my heart and I can't wait to share more of my heart with all of you. Church may not look the same right now as it once did for us, but I have a feeling we are all going to quickly realize that God knows exactly what He is doing :)

I hope you will join us, whenever you can, as we dive into Acts together and discuss this amazing letter written by Luke. It's going to be great!

If you have any questions, or if you want to know more or let us know if you plan to come, please fill out the form below to send me a direct email.

Thank you and God bless you all!!

- Matt DeSmidt, Campus Pastor

This Wednesday

6:30 PM

This Sunday

5:00 PM


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The simplest definition of Frontier is “line between two things.” We believe Jesus bridges the “line” between hope and hopelessness, death and life, doubt and faith, old and new.

You may be going through a really tough time right now. Maybe you've had some bad experiences before. Or maybe your are simply looking for a new church. F|C exists to lead you to become who Jesus has created you to be.

We know everyone is created for a reason and there is a purpose for life; there is real hope to be discovered and there is love deeper and greater than they could ever imagine!